Global Roadmap 2018

In early February, following the invitation of JF&C and TRIAD Berlin, our clients and guests joined Joschka Fischer at the Brandenburg Gate Museum for an exchange of ideas on the strategic challenges faced by politics and business in 2018.

Joschka Fischer outlined a “Global Roadmap 2018”, in which he discussed the concerns and expectations politics and business will face this coming year. The evening was an exciting start to the new year, thanks not only to Joschka Fischer, but also to the moderation of Lutz Engelke (Managing Director TRIAD Berlin) and the many insightful contributions of our various guests from companies, think tanks and the cultural sphere.

According to the former foreign minister and co-founder of JF&C, the election of Donald Trump, Brexit and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe depict a Western world that is in a dangerous process of decline. In his view, the European Union is stuck between being a federal super state and a mere confederation of nation states, leaving Europe with only a limited capacity to meet these challenges successfully. As a result, a Two-Speed Europe – with one progressive group of member states leading the pack in terms of integration – would be the logical consequence.

However, the pressures on Western democracies do not only come from within. China’s ambition to become the digital leader of the 21st century, the unrestrained success of Chinese tech companies and their rapid innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence have the potential to disrupt the order of today’s world. Despite a growing startup scene, Europe’s strengths concerning the technologies of the 20th century cannot be easily translated into the 21st century. According to Joschka Fischer, Europe still has time to catch up, but given the current challenges, it must take care not to be left behind.