Christoph J. Rupprecht

Senior Advisor

Christoph J. Rupprecht has a broad expertise in political consulting and political analysis in various policy areas. For more than ten years, he has been head of the Health Policy and Health Economics department of a prestigious health insurance. His core expertise and passion is focused on health services innovation through digitization, big data, and innovative treatment options. He is involved in a large number of health service innovation projects, funded by the Joint Federal Committee. He has previously worked as a project manager in corporate development and controlling. He started his career as a research associate for members of the German Bundestag in the field of research, environmental- and health policy. He is a guest lecturer at the School of Governance of North Rhine Westphalia in the department of health economics, lecturing on comparative health systems research. Rupprecht is a trained molecular biologist (Max-Planck- and Paul-Ehrlich-Institute) with a background in economics. He studied in Berlin, Cologne, and Paris.