Lars Kühn


Lars Kühn is a proven expert in communication. In 1998, following many years of journalistic experience, Kühn began to work for the SPD campaign headquarters. Following this first stint in politics, he became spokesperson for the German Federal Ministries of Transport and Construction, as well as speaker for the SPD parliamentary group and the SPD party leadership. In this capacity, he worked for the SPD presidents Gerhard Schröder and Franz Müntefering. During this time he was in charge of all media and public relations – including during the federal election campaigns of 2002 and 2005. Following his political life, Lars Kühn consulted numerous political and private sector clients. He collaborated with the communication consultancy Johanssen + Kretschmer as a Consulting Partner and sat on the board of the consultancy WMP Eurocom AG. Lars Kühn is a partner at Joschka Fischer & Company