Digital Energy World Platform

Germany’s Energy Transition or “Energiewende” has long received international attention. Alongside addressing issues about security of supply and price, the energy transition offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation. Especially following COP 21 in Paris, it has become clearer than ever: far- reaching decarbonisation of the economy is inevitable. The only thing still up for debate is the pace of decarbonisation and the path we will take.

One deciding factor for the success of an innovative Energy Transition will be linking it with another big trend: the digital transformation. In structuring the energy transition decarbonisation, digitalisation and disruption meet. This constellation that demands civil society support and political direction, and which has compelled us to become involved in the dena Platform Digital Energy World.

More on the Digital Energy World Platform (German):
Dena Plattform Digitale Energiewelt

Press release on the Digital Energy World’s first position paper:
Press release position paper

JF&C Decision-makers Survey on Expectations and Consequences following Paris (German):
Klimapolitik nach der COP 21: Erwartungen und Einschätzungen ausgewählter Stakeholder (PDF Format)