What we do & how we can help you

Joschka Fischer & Company advises businesses about international market environments, future political and social challenges, as well as opportunities for sustainable development. Our support and consulting competencies focus on the three biggest trends of our time.

JF&C maintains an exclusive partnership with the Albright Stonebridge Group in Washington, D.C., with offices in countries such as China, India and Brazil.


Will it harm my business in the US if I continue to do business with this or that country? How do I best position my business on the Brazilian market? Where are the rapidly developing economies in Asia, such as China and India headed? Who do I need to contact to be successful on the ground?

Together with our partner Albright Stonebridge Group, we offer a European perspective with an international view. This way we support our clients in correctly assessing their foreign markets, in building the right networks on the ground, in capitalising on investment opportunities early and weighing risks carefully.

We help companies and institutions survey geopolitical challenges and make the right decisions in today's complex environment driven by globalisation.


Digitisation is changing the fundamentals of the economy. It is changing products and production. Digitisation is turning business models on their heads and is redesigning value chains entirely. Today delivering directly to the consumer, tomorrow tech-provider.

The big rival is long gone; instead there's competition from firms that haven't even arrived on the market. Digitisation is disruptive. Changes are often fundamental and sudden. But, digitisation too follows patterns and trends. Understanding them and implementing the correct strategy, there, Joschka Fischer & Company can help.

We also assist our clients in gaining a geopolitical and industry perspective. In Berlin, Brussels, Beijing, Washington, and Silicon Valley, stakeholders are wrestling with a sea change in agenda setting and policy prioritisation. Many rules need to be considered newly and differently for digitisation.


In 2050, few, if any transport vehicles in Europe will produce CO2; the energy supply will be almost completely renewable. Not only the EU's Roadmap points to this reality. Other large actors, such as the US and China, are decarbonising their economies as well - each at its own pace. The reasons: air, climate protection, resource constraints, and security interests.

The trend may see outliers in the coming years, but it is stable. For China, Brazil, India and Co. to realise their right to a higher living standard, production must change. Decarbonisation will be a game-changing element in market competition. The immediate departure from fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, is not realistic, despite various levels of dependence by single EU member states. But the binding goals are clearly defined.

Shaping the transition phase so that a business' own interests and future prospects are met, society's concerns are taken into account, and cooperation with political actors works, is an essential executive function in which JF&C accompanies its clients.

We support clients with:

  • Business climate analyses – we monitor and map the business climate and identify opportunities and risks for the core business.
  • Geopolitical analyses – we analyse realtime political developments worldwide and derive recommendations for next steps.
  • Strategy-building – we set priorities together with you and define which topics and tools are essential for a successful business, communication, political, or sustainability strategy.
  • Stakeholder dialogue – we search for the perfect exchange format for a large variety of actors and accompany them in establishing contacts.
  • Partnership development – we show which groups and individuals can make important contributions to business development and business success, and create proposals illustrating how a win-win partnership could look.
  • Communication consulting – we support communication in political and societal issues and help assuage communication crises.

Identify status quo

Strategies, Goals, Figures


  • Adjust products, services and management processes
  • Establish accountability and stakeholder dialogue, solve crisis and conflicts of aims
  • Futureproof competitive business models

Doing business well

We can help companies find the right strategies to raise awareness for their positions. From foreign policy challenges and risks to global market entry strategies, from the effective communication of political issues to the communication of sustainable business practices and a demonstrating credibility.