Our offer

We are critical partners of whoever is on a path of transformation and wishes to shape a tomorrow that is ready for the future.

Sustainability is the benchmark of our coexistence and economic activity. After all, the way we handle finite resources determines how future generations will be able to live in the world. New technologies and digitization are important building blocks in that context.

Digital technologies are developing by leaps and bounds and are transforming our economies, our mobility and the way we live together. In this age of upheavals and disruption, in which complexity is increasing, remaining capable of acting is what matters.

A business that wishes to be successful tomorrow thus needs to embark on new paths today. This includes critically examining the business model, opening up to politics and society and entering into dialog. Speaking openly and acting credibly will gain you the acceptance needed to secure the company’s future.

Change is like a marathon: you need to really want it and persevere. The effort does pay off, though, mainly thanks to the increased acceptance and credibility and not least in the shape of rising demand. Our mission is to support our customers on this path.

Our services

Public Affairs

We advise companies strategically on changing political conditions. We connect them to a network and help them enter into a dialog – especially with critical players.


Building on the company’s identity and the demands that transformation places on a business, we develop strategies and an effective positioning for the corporate communication with policy-makers, members of society and employees. In crises and especially challenging situations, our experienced communication experts offer the support that is needed.


For JF&C, sustainability is more than CSR, because sustainability only really becomes effective once the overall strategy is designed around it. We know how challenging it can be for companies to operate sustainably. Together with our customers, we accept this challenge and support them strategically and professionally on their journey.